Tips for Men To Buy Shoes

So, you are in the market for a new pair of dress shoes. You go to a store and try a few pairs on and there is apparently the feeling you are really kinda wasting your time. It feels okay, the leather is definitely a bit stiff and if they had a pair of leather soles, for 10 seconds, you are an 8 year old boy, sliding along and testing the slideability of those soles.

Well the shoes look amazing and you think to yourself, ‘Man, after I break these bad boys in, they are gonna be as comfortable as they are good looking!’.

Buy let me tell you: If your shoes need to be broken in to be comfortable, you shouldn’t buy them. There is a very common misconception that dress shoes need to be broken in order for them to be comfortable and wearable. But, that is absolutely a style myth. It’s not the case.

So, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that the shoes that you buy are comfortable right out of the gate.

Wear it and Walk on it

The first tip while trying on a new pair of shoes regardless of whether it is a dress shoe or sneakers is to find a tile area in the store and walk on that. Most of the shoe stores have carpet, but this carpet gives the false illusion of comfort. So, go over to the hardest surface you can find, test them out there and that will give you a more realistic idea of the comfort of those shoes.

Make sure that you are wearing the type of socks that you will be wearing with the shoes that you are purchasing. So, if they are dress shoes and you normally wear dress socks, make sure you bring a pair of dress socks into the store.

Many times, men complain if it is okay to put a sock on or not and start reasoning. The fact is if you want to wear hiking socks for your shoes to be comfortable, they are not the shoes for you. If the shoes are too tight, the leather will stretch. Soft leather will stretch faster and little bit more than the hard leather,  but the fact is, if they are too tight on your little toe when you are trying them on, don’t buy the shoes because the toe box is definitely too narrow to you. Move on.

Is the heel slipping?

Is there unneeded wriggle in the heel when you walk? – You have to pay attention. A lot of people put a shoe on, they walk and it feels pretty good. But when you lift up sometimes, the heel comes flying out of the shoe. Your heel needs the fit just as well as the rest of the shoe.


You should check if there is enough cushion and arch support in that shoe. If you wear inserts in the shoes, its better to carry them when you try them on. This way, you’ll know if there is enough room for the foot and the insert. If the shoes you are looking at has any type of metal buckle or detail, you have to lift the shoes and tap it. If it is a cheap shoe, you hear clanging and every step you take, you’ll sound like a cowboy with spurs which is not a good idea. There won’t be any such sound in the quality shoes.

Your shoes must be comfortable right out of the gate. You should be able to put them on and go to the office. They will get increasingly comfortable as you wear them because shoes do break in, but, you should not need band aids or more skin in order for them to be comfortable.Therefore, the theorem of shoes that it has to be broken in order to be comfortable has officially been debugged from the above points.