Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Review

I am in love with Nike Free Trainer 5.0 shoes. They are really sick!

When it comes to training shoes, nothing but the best is acceptable. Nothing kills morale faster than a shoe that does not fit or is uncomfortable. No matter how much you try getting your mind off of this fact, sooner or later, if your feet are not comfortable you will have a major set back in your performance. Irrespective of the sport, whether running, weight lifting or just simple aerobic exercises, a comfortable shoe is always a morale booster.

For some time now, I have been using Reebok Nano 3.0 for most of my exercises, which mostly include jogging. When the need arose to buy a new shoe, I was quite unsure at first. However, making the decision to switch to Nike was a worthy one. I went for the Nike Free trainer 5.0 after reading quite a number of reviews. Everyone was very satisfied with the performance of the shoe. This gave me lots of confidence when ordering my pair.

This shoe is Nike’s newest addition to its franchise and I must say, the Free Trainer is a very comfortable shoe to be wearing. It is so lightweight and comfortable, that it almost feels like being barefoot. This is actually what Nike was going for in this shoe. After 8 years of studying the foot’s biomechanics about the natural landing angle, toe position and pressure, Nike have truly aced it with the Free Trainer.

The sole of the Free Trainer 5.0 is fairly thick and therefore, does a wonderful job in absorbing the pressure when the foot lands. Deep flex grooves on the sole increase the flexibility of the shoe and consequently a more natural movement of the foot. Additional grooves in the forefoot also give you the ability for high assault when landing or pushing off. Rubber pods on the sole give the shoe unparalleled traction despite the surface – whether tarmac, wood, cement or bare ground. The sole is also virtually impenetrable so there is no threat of objects piercing through. By eliminating stitching, the no-sew construction of the shoe adds to the comfort of the shoe by increasing its fluidity and flexibility.


The Free Trainer 5.0 offers great support in all movements. The side walls of the shoe are designed in such a way that they wrap the heel and mid-foot and so keep the foot in place even during diagonal and side to side movements. The dual-pull lacing system of the shoe also enhances the natural feel. This system locks around the foot to create a sock like fit that enables the shoe move in synchrony with the foot’s motions.

The woven dynamic fit technology and upper mesh of the shoe does a good job protecting your foot from hard impacts
In my own experience, the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is an amazing CrossFit shoe. Even for day to day wearing, it still delivers by virtue of its good looks and design.