Fluid Jerseylux: My Favorite Blouse

My favorite type of clothing is a two-piece blouse. Actually, this blouse is called a Two in One Top. It is described as a fluid Jerseylux. This two-piece blouse comes in several mixed colors: one in blue and white, the other in brown and white.
Intermixed in the color schemes are patterns of leaves. Blair offers this blouseand it is beautiful. I will soon be ordering the blue and white floral pattern and I am looking forward to receiving it. The draping pattern flatters and does not wrinkle. I know this to be true because I have several blouses that are similar to this one. The outer layer of this two-piece features a wide-banded neckline and an open front. It is approximately 27 inches long, has an inset attached at the shoulders, armholes and side seams.

What makes this blouse especially nice is that it is made of polyester and is machine washable. The reason why I find this kind of blouse so appealing is that it enhances my figure, is so attractive, affordable and works well with several of my slacks. And, this two-piece blouse can be worn almost anywhere!

I have bought several blouses similar to this one and they are so durable and easy to take care of. I will probably buy many more of these blouses because they work so well with the kind of lifestyle that I have; that of being a writer and attending events where I need something easy and quick to put on.

As I mentioned above, I will order this blouse later today and will probably receive it next week. Shopping on Blair.com is a great way to buy women’s clothing. For women reading this, I highly recommend this kind of blouse; especially if you have a figure where you want to obscure but also, enhance your figure. Check out this two-piece blouse today and see how it enhances your figure!