5 Shoes for a Man’s Wardrobe

The key component to think about when investing in shoes is quality. That doesn’t mean that you have to own a branded pair of shoes. One should look at the leather quality of shoes to build a core wardrobe. We have a list of shoes that a man must have in his wardrobe.

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1. Classic Wing Tip: We will start with this. Its classic and quintessential shoe because of its versatility. It’s an ideal suit shoe but you can also wear it with a pair of jeans.

2. Plain toe: Next is the plain toe. It’s a classic and clean shoe. You can look modern and even traditional with this shoe. It has a rubber sole. This sole doesn’t take away the clean finish of the lines of the shoe.

3. Cap toe: Next we have the cap toe. It’s the dressiest shoe. You will really love the burgundy oxford color in this shoe. It is an important color for your wardrobe if you want to move beyond black and brown.

4. Monk strap shoe: The next shoe is the in trend monk strap this season. You get a double monk strap also. The leather is textured. Take a clear look at the buckles.

5. Slip on Shoe: The last one is the slip on is a relevant shoe to be worn with a suit. It’s sleek modern and dressy.

You can find all these 5 type of shoes in online shoe stores like Zappos, Famous Footwear, Shoebuy, and of course 6pm.com. For the latter, there are coupons and sales every week.

Everyone wants a great wardrobe to look good in society. Especially for people who are into such jobs wherein they have to meet a lot of people regularly. Therefore, you need an adequate wardrobe for dressing up in all occasions. Shoes are the most important part of person’s wardrobe. It’s very important to wear the right type with the right dress. Be it for men or for women. Check out the latest trends in color and designs, but the five basic shoes what we have mentioned here are essential for a complete wardrobe. Be smart be dressy but don’t forget the right styles and right type.