As a working woman, one would take me to be someone in the service industry or a PA of sorts. Well actually, my husband and I work for the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran, a subsidiary to the Iranian Petroleum Ministry. It is an industry that is assumed to be a man’s territory, but I can assure you that with hard work and determination, you can be a part of any industry you can think of, even those that handle petrochemistry. The NPC of Iran works with and helps create material from petrochemicals which are then sent to manufacturers to create everyday products.


What are petrochemicals? Petrochemicals are chemical products made from petroleum and natural gases. They are used to make a variety of products that we use every day. For, example, did you know that DVDs, golf bags, shoes, CD players, water pipes, denture adhesive, boats, tool boxes, house paint, surf boards, and hundreds of other products are derived from petrochemicals? The more complex products made from petrochemicals include fertilizers, explosives, solvents, pesticides, synthetic fibers such as polyesters and so on. Surprising products that contain petrochemicals include wax, food additives, diapers, ink dyes, dice, eyeglasses, drinking cups, contact lenses, phones, movie film – the list is almost endless. All these products, as you can see, are vital to everyday living and as such, their demand will never end. This is what makes the petrochemical industry so important to our daily lives.

There is great demand for petrochemical products in the market today. This is because the end products of petrochemical are durable, affordable and the variety of goods it can make is diverse. One of the most common place products made from petrochemicals is shoes. These everyday products are made of different materials such as leather, canvas and even wood. However, the bulk of shoes in the market today are mostly made of petrochemicals. The type of shoes created are usually lauded for their variety in styles and comfort. The part of shoes mostly made of petrochemicals is the sole. This is because shoes are worn in different terrain and weather conditions. It is for this reason that the material that creates the soles needs to be able to contract and expand in changing temperatures, something that petrochemical soles can do well.

Shoes from and Have Kept our Feet Safe from Petrochemical Hazards

While the company I work for helps in the creation of shoes, I have to protect my feet in shoes that are specifically created to handle the conditions in a petrochemical factory or company. There are a number of characteristics or features I look for in shoes that I can safely wear to work.

  1. Ankle Protection – Your petrochemical factory-safe shoes need to protect your ankles and toes. For this, your shoes need to have upper pull up leather as well as a toe cap. The materials made to create these shoes should generally be able to protect my feet and ankles while at work.
  2. Fuel/ oil resistant outsole – Petrochemicals are mostly flammable and can be harmful to your skin or health when handled recklessly. Therefore, you need strong shoes that can withstand these working conditions.
  3. Penetration resistant outsole – You should be able to be protected from sharp objects breaking the shoe surface. They should be industrial grade which means they are strong and durable to work in any industry setting.
  4. Water resistant – I want to be able to be around water without my shoes falling apart.
  5. Anti-slip/Skid Resistant – I needed a shoe that has a proper sole grip so that I do not slip or fall and risk injury while at work. Shoes that I can wear to work with petrochemicals need to be very safe and should have the tags to prove it.

I cannot just buy my shoes at any store. It is important to wear shoes that you buy from reputable and established stores, especially if you buy the online. My personal choice is and These two stores have shoes that could easily pass the above checklist and are comfortable as well. There are some favorites of mine that you should check out. The Tundra Boots from are not only affordable but are made of high-quality material that is safe and comfortable for the family. They are water resistant, have anti-skid soles, fleece liners to keep you warm all the time and come in a number of fashionable designs and styles. Another brand is Bates. You can choose from a variety of Bates boots such as the Big Bend which cost about $77.99, Tahoe at $106.23 or Escalante at $89.23. I got my own thanks to 6pm promo codes that gave me discounts of up to 30%. Talk about a great deal.

Nike Aegina Boots

While checking out the catalog, I came across the Nike Aegina Women’s Boots from They are water resistant and their glossy oil-resistant surface blocks skin contact with oily chemicals that abound in a petrochemical plant. These boots will endure whatever you put them through. A sticky rubber outsole with waffle lug pattern offers great traction and these are quite durable. What I like about my boots is that I can also wear them during a hike or when handling chores that require me to wear strong shoes.

The North Face Chilkat II Men’s Boot

My husband likes the outdoors and shoes that he can get busy and dirty in. So he also visited and got the North Face Chilkat II Men’s Boots which are great for the somewhat extreme conditions you face in a petrochemical factory. They are water resistant. His toes are well protected thanks to the TRP shell with forefoot grooves. The winter grip rubber soles are not only great for harsh conditions but also have anti-slip benefits. We enjoyed these comfortable and functional shoes after using Finish Line discount codes to get great deals, even when in Iran. I never thought I could combine the two passions in my life which is “petrochemistry” and “shoes that are comfortable but functional while at work”. Ladies, do not let the dull colored shoes put you off from taking on this challenging line of work. While trying to be the best and protecting your body, you will barely have time to think of how you look. Besides, you can enjoy your fancy shoes once you get off work.

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